The Spooky Case of Bitcoin Gold


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This mask makes this my halloween episode And the proceeding words make this episode about Bitcoin Gold Before I start, I gotta shout out my new instagram where I take pictures of my body after I workout Follow me @altcoinxp for some sweet nudes Now, onto the show

Bitcoin Gold is a funny little thing At Bitcoin Block 491,407, some people forked bitcoin to create bitcoin gold However, they didn't release it yet What they did was take a snapshot of the bitcoin blockchain at block 491,407, so they could make some modifications and release to the public at a later date Some of these modifications include

a new difficulty retarget time of approximately 10 minutes, modified from bitcoin's 2 week retarget and a new hashing algorithm aimed to make the network GPU resistant The hashing algorithm is Equihash, which is the same as what zcash uses There is also talk of 16,000 blocks being created with a 12

5 bitcoin gold reward being generated before public release These block rewards are planned to be given to the developers to sell off "ico-style" to raise development funds If this happens, this means the devs will control about 12% of the bitcoin gold supply from the start Is this good or bad

Well, it depends with what the devs do with the funds Speaking of devs, who is spear-heading this fork and developing it? Hong Kong Based LightingASIC CEO Jack Liao, is spear-heading the Bitcoin Gold Project followed by an anonymous lead developer named hackerotab Then four other individuals who I'm not bothering to look into

hackerotab doesn't have too much information available about himself online Some hackintosh history and a little bitcoin history I gotta say, it's always a bit suspicious having an anonymous dude working on a public project Why mask your identity unless you have something to hide? Check this out Hi, I'm anthony I'm 5'8" 165lbs

My hobbies include daydreaming about the BMW M2 and talking to my grandmother Also I'm 30 and I have a basketball game tomorrow See how easy that was? Now, onto the next goon Jack Laio One thing that sticks out to me is that he is the CEO of an ASIC Company called LightningASIC It doesn't make too much sense to me why he would want to fork bitcoin to be ASIC resistant when he works for an ASIC company Conflict of interest here? Which makes me wonder if the fork is about raising money for his ASIC company He's a theory

Bitcoin Gold is raising money for dev funds, right? So, what if the dev funds are to be used on his ASIC company to build Bitcoin Gold ASICs equihash is ASIC resistant by it's memory usage If the memory usage variable is set too low, then ASICs could cost effectively be made So, is there a Jack Laio vision to secretly make ASICs to mine the Bitcoin Gold coin he created

His company could become the Bitmain of Bitcoin Gold if so is done An alternative thought, LightningASIC sells a GPU miners too Which looks to be a basic computer with a bunch of GPUs in it, connected by a custom made GPU connector board Could Bitcoin Gold be created to help sell theseGPU mining rigs? As worst, Bitcoin Gold is providing publicity to his GPU rigs Which other coin miners might want to buy

At best, Bitcoin Gold will be successful and LightingASIC could be the main supplier of the GPU rigs Only time will tell what will happen, and only assumptions will tell what motives might be All I know for sure is I won't be holding Bitcoin Gold while we find out So that's it for today, everyone Have an extra scary halloween

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