Quick Analysis of Bitcoin Cash / BCC – What is Bitcoin Cash?


Hello internet, In this video, we'll talk about bitcoin cash But before we start, let me remind that

This video is not investment advice Please carry out your own research We all know the bitcoin But what is bitcoin cash? Bitcoin cash launched on August 1st, 2017 it is permanent fork of bitcoin which means that bitcoin cash is independent from any news from bitcoin

And yes, it is definitely different from bitcoin community of bitcoin cash see bitcoin cash as continuation of the Bitcoin project with upgraded consensus rules that allow it to grow and scale People that don't like Segwit which is a solution to scalability problem of bitcoin, supported the bitcoin cash let's move on to features of bitcoin cash that are different from bitcoin's First it offers 8 MB of block size, whereas bitcoin is limited to 1 MB block size

Miners can mine blocks up to the 1 MB fixed limit, and any block larger than 1 MB is invalid In bitcoin cash, this limit is 8 MB Second, it offers replay and wipeout protection If two chains insist, Bitcoin Cash permits safe and peaceful coexistence of the two chains, with replay and wipeout protection Third, bitcoin cash offers adjustment to the proof-of-work difficulty better than the normal block difficulty found in Bitcoin

Which means difficulty of mining will be adjusted faster than bitcoin Right now, bitcoin cash is better transaction option than the bitcoin according to its features but this does not mean that it will survive At the moment, there are lots of better cryptocurrencies than bitcoin with respect to features However, bitcoin is number one cryptocurrency regarding market capitalization To sum up, we obtained another better cryptocurrency than bitcoin

the number of alternative to bitcoin are drastically increasing I think one day, it will change and one cryptocurrency will defeat the bitcoin as biggest market capitalization Moreover, this day is not far as the community thinks This video was quick analysis of bitcoin cash If you like this, video please subscribe to my channel, share this video and give me feedback about it

I hope you will enjoy and learn something from this video See you soon

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