¿Que es el Litecoin?


What is litecoin? Litecoin is a decentralized virtual currency created in October 2011 Litecoin can be used to purchase services such as website development or buy products such as jewelry or tea Litecoin allows merchants to accept payments securely and easily, since no charges for receiving payments or rejections

All transactions are stored in a register known as Chain Blocks Thus, payments can be immediately verified With litecoin you can send money anywhere in the world, anyone, instantly Transaction fees are much lower than those of credit cards, traditional bank transfers, and even other digital payment processors For example, a business in Singapore can receive a payment from a customer in San Francisco in a few seconds In addition, both parties can verify that the payment was sent and received

Litecoin works using a secure software which it allows you to make payments as easy as sending an e-mail You can send and store them securely on your computer or mobile device There will be only 84 million Litecoins, so you never have to worry that inflation devalues ​​your Litecoins Litecoin has a stable and recognized market, It comprises several exchange agents that handle tens of millions of dollars in transactions daily litecoin You can use these trusted agents to negotiate exchange your dollars, euros and other fiat currencies by litecoin

The possibilities are endless Welcome to the future of trade Welcome to litecoin To be part of the future and learn more about litecoin, visit: litecoincom

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