Problematic with Moshe Kasher – Staking Out a Bitcoin ATM


[suspenseful music] ♪ ♪ Hey, man Psst

What you using that Bitcoin for? – Just to, like, buy stuff – What are you really using it for? – Mo–like, money – Hey, so what do you use Bitcoin for? – You know, just try to invest it Uh, I heard, you know, it’s gonna increase in value – I use it mostly as an investment, but, uh, you know, I use it for online tipping and small purchases and stuff

– There’s a lot of things you could use it for, to be honest – Yeah? – You could buy a polar bear [laughter] – You ever bought a polar bear? – No, but I tried to get a mail-order-bride once – Is that for real? – I didn’t go through with it ’cause it was kind of fishy – Hey, man, what do you use Bitcoin for? – I don’t really wanna talk about it on camera

– Okay, you can tell me though What are you really buying? – [distorted] I, uh, stream soccer – Wait, this whole anonymity thing was about soccer? – [distorted] Illegal soccer streams from overseas – Yeah, I get it You’re a gangster

You don’t use it to buy stuff on the dark web? – No – You could be getting all this cool stuff – I do get cool stuff – Like what? – Like video games, shoes – So people think this is all spooky weirdness because it’s all cryptocurrency? It’s like a peer-to-peer system where you have different, uh, servers that are verifying transactions with each other, but, like, a private corporation, I’m talking about the Federal Reserve – I’ve never been on the dark web – Do you know what kind of stuff you could get on there? – Nope – That Sticky Icky Icky, uh, Bubba Diesel nugs, Moon Rocks, retrovil pills, ecstasy, molly– same thing

Is it? There’s Honey Hash, there’s dabs Gorilla Glue, Blueberry Diesel bud, 500 grams of Colombian fishscale cocaine – Half the amount of Bitcoin is algorithmically based depending on the time – Mushrooms, acid, mashrooms, uh, grenade launchers, a bow and arrow, uh, just a bow, uh, for, like, a young girl If you have a daughter, you could buy her a bow, put it in her hair – Sure – Suffice to say, it’s all encrypted So usually, that’s, like, an amalgamation of a bunch

– TCB, 2CB, QCB, QVC You see “Shark Tank” Lori, she’s the queen of that

– Quick tangent on other cryptocurrencies You know, a central bank– – Uh, I just wanna buy weed I just wanna buy weed That’s why I’m here – I got a guy

– All right, let’s go Yeah, let’s take off This way? – Yes – Cool [soft music] [cheers, laughter, and applause]

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