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welcome to video six of this series I'm Matt Sherriff and I hope over these last five videos you've really got to understand the basics and fundamentals of the blockchain and how it facilitates cryptocurrency here exchanging value and where cryptocurrency has come from and kind of the industry that it's disrupted and in this video i want to talk about where I think bitcoin and cryptocurrency is going into the future and how that might relate to you and for you to really think about what this means for you so right now bitcoins market cap is 18 billion dollars and that's 10 billion more than last year right now Bitcoin processes three transactions per second which is pretty impressive as it keeps growing and its market share and delivery keeps growing to its network and the transaction volume is reaching 250 million dollars per day which is an increase of fifty-five percent from last year 2016 and a hundred seventy-three percent increase from 2015 which is obviously amazing growth so we can see through these numbers that clearly bitcoin is really making its wave in the market and is really growing year on year and arguably to some people or indefinitely it's the best performing asset class in recent years with how its grown and how its performed over time I think that bitcoin is going to continue to grow and grow as really one big thing that people thought was going to grow cryptocurrency bitcoin at the start was this way that it could facilitate peer-to-peer payments but the real big thing that has made the market cap of the value grow over the years is the way that people have been diversifying their assets into it and China is a massive market for Bitcoin because of the way that government are deflating their currency and doing some things as a government and as a dictatorship which a lot of the people don't like and a lot of the chinese population are moving a lot of money into bitcoin it's making the cap rise and it's making the volume rise which makes the price rise and then you have different countries around the world which are pouring money into bitcoin also to have some of their assets diversified into the cryptocurrency and that will continue to to go ahead and the trend is going to continue as it may seem nobody can predict the future absolutely nobody can tell you what's going to happen but the way things have been going it really seems that this is just going to keep going and growing in the price even though it may dip of Bitcoin and we'll keep going up and crypto currency as a whole will keep rising with different altcoins and second-generation crypto currencies that are coming into the market that are trying to provide their own solution and improve on what bitcoin of done will also be a really really interesting factor to how this industry evolves and where it can take itself too so if you're looking at this and depending what country you're from it will really dictate how your viewing this for example as i mentioned i live in the US but from the UK so a lot of people that i talk with all that I'm in business with really are looking for an avenue to leverage Bitcoin or have a Bitcoin income and there are different methods to doing that and if you're looking at this video and you're wondering how you can make Bitcoin work for your how you can create income with that then send me a message and we'll talk further and if you're a person who's maybe not in as civilized country as this or as evolved and you're just looking to get into bitcoin to be a part of the banking system or you're looking to make transactions across borders you don't have to go through a bank and send it to different people a lower-cost then I can also help you with that too hit me up send me a message I'll have a bunch of different resources at the bottom of this video in the little box where there's a description of the stuff of how you can contact me and some other resources which you can have have access to which will also build your knowledge on this space so I'm Matt Sherriff i've really enjoy doing these six videos and I hope you've enjoyed watching them and I really hope you've got some good knowledge and can take something away from this in understanding the blockchain and how cryptocurrency works subscribe to the channel some things will be popping up maybe take you to a different video but make sure you subscribe and keep up to date with some things that I'm going to be releasing I'm Matt Sherriff have a great day and I'll speak to you soon

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