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welcome to video 5 i'm super excited you made it to this point and have got the good information in the last four videos that helped build blocks and being able to help you understand this space in terms of the foundation of the blockchain and how it facilitates cryptocurrency and we're cryptocurrency has come from and now in this video I kind of want to give an overview of this happening in different industries was the bitcoin is disrupting the financial sector in terms of T its market share and being a payment processor and also a asset class that people want to diversify into to either protect the assets or diversify themselves into different things now an image will pop up here by the side of me shortly well if we really think about different industries and how different companies have come along and kind of shook that industry of those quite a few and i'm sure people watching this video have heard of uber no matter where you are in the world and boomer is a company which has revolutionized the taxi space and before we go you know you needed a license and had to go through kind of like all these things and it just wasn't as easy to take people from A to B and get paid for it what we did was made everybody's car vessel for them to make money and they really change the space in giving average people leverage and being able to create income from that they boomed as a company that is pretty crazy and if you think about it they own know cause booba uber doesn't own any cards they have built a system in which giving people access and power to create money from their own college is pretty cool and if you think about facebook and the absolute giant that is that is the biggest media outlet in the world and yawns no content which is pretty amazing and the Beast that it is is really taken a lot of attention from different media outlets like radio and TV and people are glued to that phones and glue to facebook because of what is producing it doesn't actually own any of that content but the platform for people to have outlets personally all through business or whatever it may be and you may have heard of Alibaba and that's one of the the biggest online e-commerce companies in the world and yawns and no inventory but it gives people the ability to have their products and sell them around the world which is pretty insane and then everyone has probably heard of a B&B which has shook up the hotel industry and that now gives people the chance to rent out their own homes for money if people are passing by or need a place to stay or whatever it may be a lot of the time it's a cheaper rate that the hotels and the mart I'm the a B&B has been around and overtook the marriott which obviously has a lot of hotels in America and over the world and it's an amazing space for these companies to be disrupting their fields in a way that they're giving average people the chance to take control and really decentralize the powers of these of these companies like the average person now can get on facebook and go live to a million people whereas before you need to do like a super bowl ad of something to do that but now a lot of power is being distributed it's great to see that's the same thing with crypto currency of bitcoin bitcoin is the largest bank in the world and then owns absolutely no cash but is trusted is verifiable and it's a means of exchange which is like anything we've ever seen before is giving people power bag to own their own money and decide what to do there and even put in a secure place that has never been done before so it's really cool to kind of he was happening within these boss that are really changing industries and distributing power I'd say back to the average person in the next video I'm going to talk about where cryptocurrency is going in the future and some interesting things of that of that nature so I hope over these last five videos you've got some good information and now can understand the blockchain and crypto currency and kind of the industry that is in the way that is rising and rising because of the volume is given so I'm Matt Sherriff keep plugging away with these videos if you need to go back to any thin and kind of recap it don't be don't be afraid to I'll see you over in video six

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