Paper money vs Bitcoin


Good morning Hi, and Sandra I'm gonna give you a quick synopsis or explanation of what is commonly known as the Bitcoin The Bitcoin was not an it's not a totally new concept

It was Started about 25 years ago when a smart cart was created in the Netherlands, and it was created to Protect gas stations who were being robbed and depleted of cash? overnight And the government of the Netherlands did not want to Post armed guards 10 these gas stations to protect the gas stations, so they created What is what was called a smart card? so the concept of Digital money is not new but in 2009 when tchaikovsky, Nakamoto Did the research on? This currency and created was now known as Bitcoin We have an alternate Digital currency, and we really needed one because of the 2008 bust down by the banking system, which destroyed many people's retirements and caused runaway inflation Which we still have? people who had money Began to buy up gold and silver Over the years it has spiraled into a runaway train where now our Paper money is worthless it Is not backed up by Treasury funds so When there is a situation where we are faced? with a crisis in our banking system or a crisis created Like a disaster or a terrorist attack where we don't have money in our Treasury to fund it banks could fail if That happens, what would happen now We're already dealing with runaway inflation Because now we are paying more for the same goods and services That we were paying for three or four years ago food and gas 30 to 40 percent higher than it was and we have the same income our income said would increase But the price of goods and services has So we have paper money, which is worthless, and we don't have a a nest egg to lean on So if you are not fortunate to have gold and silver you need an alternative currency That would be the Bitcoin and I suggest you consider building it quickly Because the current state of the finances of this country and the world is at stake It's very shaky, so you don't want to wait you want to build on that state to balance off this runaway inflation While you can and you can do that you can really do that you can go to my website, and you can sign up with free with me for free and then I will be able to help you coach you teach you and Help you set up a nest egg so You can build your Ark it is time to build the Ark

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