Litecoin SegWit Price Prediction & Intrinsic Value (April 2017)


Alright, so today we are doing an analysis of Litecoin We're gonna try to calculate the intrinsic value of Litecoin

This is the price of Litecoin Whoa! The price of Litecoin has gone from around $4 to over $10 Any why has the price gone up so much? It's all because of Segregated Witness See, Segregated Witness is a change to how blocks are structured, that is trying to make the whole system more scalable There is a debate in bitcoin right now on whether to go with SegWit

And people are thinking we can test it out on litecoin and see how it works out So, for SegWit to be activated on Litecoin we need 75% of miners to be signalling for at least two weeks in favor of SegWit And right now we're at 794%, so if we stay at this level long enough it will be passed Pay no attention to the miners on twitter that are saying "oh, yeah we're gonna do it" "Oh no we're not going to do it", these people are just trying to manipulate the market

Listen, litecoin is going to get added to coinbase And it's going to get added more exchanges in the near future And there's the thing: the reason that we're doing this update it to test out SegWit People are going to be looking at it closer and that's going to drive up demand Honestly guys, the best short-term play in terms of cyptocurrency, I'm thinking, is Litecoin

But if you guys buy Litecoin and it goes down for some reason, don't blame me okay? You need to look into it Decide if the risks fit with your philosophy So based on all the available information I'm giving Litecoin an intrinsic value of $20 And I'm predicting the price of litecoin after SegWit passes, give it a month or two, it's going to be at or above $20 I'm predicting

Also, I want to give a shout-out to all the homies on Xavier's Discord, thanks for all the good times!

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