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Gold has been a safe haven when times deteriorated Now, the digital currency Bitcoin has become a options- -for some more speculative mind

Roger, are you a bitcoinkille? I can not say It becomes clearer by the program It has been a remarkable development We have a graph that shows how bitcoin has rushed lately What are you saying? It is an amazing development

The question is whether there is a bubble We'll touch on it I have a little hard to say if it is right or wrong But right bitcoin feels like something we have to think extra over Do you think that than anything we're doing in the future? Maybe not bitcoin, but the technology behind it is interesting

It has even heard of "intial coin offerings" – -Nan kind of IPO firm in bitcoin How does it work? Great question, Petra The idea of ​​the ICO, "initial coin offerings," is to get märken- -or money effected by the company The comparison with the IPO limping a little It may not always share

But what is interesting Think about Amazon a few years begins to print their own money- , and we can use their money It's a whole new world in which we use private money- -from large multinational companies

That sounds pretty dramatic We'll talk more about it First we hear some voices from inbitna- -frälsta and skeptic It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy The bigger it gets, the more people are jumping on

Finally, the critical mass translate it into money We will have digital currencies as a part- -i payment process Banks want you it will be sanctioned by them themselves- -not inventor of someone we do not know who it is Bitcoin will be attacked by its mining- -and the network, it will be attacked juridiskt- And in every way possible Do not you believe it, you have misunderstood what it is about

Using cryptographic currencies entails serious risks It allows for the laundering of money acquired illegalt- -skatteflykt and terrorist financing When even Putin discusses bitcoin- -Then it's something that is happening Yes But is it such a big grej- -that there will be in our daily lives in the future? I can imagine that the technology behind bitcoin- It is called "block chain" -teknologi- -will be used in lots of different contexts

But today we must start from the currencies we have- most of all when we look at the graph on the bitcoin-kursen- -As has soared Is it healthy and why- And how does the bitcoin to today's currency? Let's look at some charts? Yes, running out of time your show! One thing often forgotten when talking about bitcoin- -is that those who argue for bitcoin tanker -that there is a currency that will keep värdet- -and remedy any problems with the common currency An appealing way to illustrate it- -is thinking about how Swedish prices had utvecklats- If we had had bitcoin Bitcoin is the blue line If we had introduced bitcoin 2014 -had we had strong prisuppgång- -when bitcoin lost in value

Translated into Swedish pristermer- -Could we have had a loss in the Swedish purchasing power of 250% It's crazy! Imagine budget In a year, I have to save a lot more money- -to be able to buy the same amount of goods and services

It was a hugely powerful swing already You sound a little skeptical And I'm not even finished Then we have a big recovery, deflation Here we would receive a tenfold spirit of köpkraften- -which means that you can buy as much as anything

It shows a big problem with kryptovalutorna: They are tightly coupled to a fixed money supply We have used that kind of money in Sweden and abroad When we had the gold standard Churchill's old idea Not too shabby, right? Yes

Because if we have a fixed amount of currency We have a business cycle with different money demand If there is high demand, the central bank press multi- And vice versa, when it is not needed

With bitcoin is fixed As the economy must adapt If we get a deflationsfas- -so must move the down wages adjusted -which means it requires high unemployment There is a lot of use of bitcoin- -As means that it is not a good solution You have a time plot of a few years back

Is not it just teething? Bitcoin will probably not survive their childhood disease But it'll get exciting new currencies We talked about the "initial coin offerings" Consider what happens when we get more credible aktörer- -Like Google, Amazon, or anyone centralbank- -As says: "This we use" Those using bitcoin is not interested of- How they work stabilization policy

They are just afraid that something will happen One thing you have argued much about bitcoin- -is low transaction costs You want to get off the banks But if you do a transaction for bitcoin in day -kostar is about 40 dollars Just

How is that possible? It has to do with konstruktionen- -which probably many look past or thinking: "Never mind" The problem is that the krypton you have lösa- -every time you want to put them, is becoming increasingly difficult It takes longer and requires more energy Therefore, one can only put a certain number bitcoins- -per unit of time, which means that the turnover of bitcoin- -is quite stable It produces large impact -and high transaction costs

A single transaction today by bitcoin- -could push an ordinary house in a month The energy to power the entire bitcoin chain a year- -is just as much as all electricity in Ecuador for a year So there is a tremendous resource degradation If you would link to the bitcoin network 'Would not it be to solve unnecessary gåtor- -without solve world problems It will be well the next currency

There's even those who have compared bitcoin- -with some kind gold currency, even Is this digital gold? It is enough to look at bitcoin One thinks that it is a currency that nobody can manipulate No central bank or the government can inflate it away Is not that great? Yes, if you are looking for the value retention characteristics

The problem with bitcoin is well- -that there are a lot of other problems If we use it, we get fluctuations in the real economy You'll probably see this in harmony with- -How gold moves Many people turn to bitcoin- -when they start to get worried We see this also in use

The countries that use bitcoin, has problems In Cyprus used during the Euro and Cypernkrisen- -and in China when it introduced tighter capital controls Bitcoin is tightly linked to when you do not trust staten- -and that the usual notes and mynten- -not doing what they should, or preserve its value The problem is we do not have here If we remember the graph we looked at in början- -with the enormous stigningen- Do you think then that bitcoin is a bubble? Yes, I do think that bitcoin is a bubble

Bitcoin itself is a currency that has so much problem -and technical deficiencies that it will not be sustainable in the long term You try to access it using bitcoin light and more But you will probably need to find a different design Central banks are extremely interested in bitcoin The Riksbank has looked at bitcoin in a few years

Or e-currency Is that where we are headed? Somewhere it becomes almost necessary If we take the option of the Amazon -so it means that a company in the US -bedriver penningpolitik- -which we can not influence in Sweden It is good that the central banks are included in this plan If central banks are starting to push their own bitcoin- -will hopefully that was dominated -and can still control the flow of ekonomin- -styra supply of money

It is wise But As Bitcoin is designed, it would innebära- -that everyone got an account at the central bank

It certainly feels very secure That's very secure The only problem is that the central bank bestämmer- -If you can borrow money You have inserted money- And the central bank lends The need for banks disappear

There are certainly many excited by But then determines the only central bank who gets loans Then it's gigantic, libertarian frihetsprojektet- -with bitcoin just planned economy and communism Banks would be a thing of the past? After a while They would have to finance the signal -by private debt and depositors would think: "Those are not as secure as the central bank" – – "which is backed by the state's debts

" That's the big problem Gradually everything would look to central banks The problem is that they would bear all credit decisions It is not what we want Interesting

What do you have to offer next week? A little more digestible topic – online retail

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