Is OneLife the Facebook of Cryptocurrency?


Is OneLife the Facebook of Cryptocurrency? no matter what area of life evolution is inevitable according to the world bank over forty percent of the Andals population and more than 2 billion people worldwide are outside of the banking system today limiting many to a state of poverty and discouragement this is a major problem in the world today however challenging times are also the most powerful times as they make us creative searching for newer and better solutions the current banking system was developed over 60 years ago but newborn ideas and innovative technology has opened the door to a financial evolution that holds the power to transform our entire the money we use today is called fiat currency the term came out of the idea that a claim check or a dollar is backed up by gold i directed secretary Conley this has been temporarily the convertibility of the dollar in the gold or other reserved as it is changed in the seventies when the US government cancelled the direct convertibility of the US dollar to gold no fiat currency has ever retained its value over time and the principal is easy every time the central bank Prince more currency the currency we have in our pockets loses its value and is called inflation after years of inflation overload markets and irresponsible unregulated financial management the consequences were huge and finally led to the financial crisis of 2008 a crisis that was also the beginning of a great financial evolution cryptocurrency was born the idea of cryptocurrency was to create a new currency that was free from inflation and based on the same principles as gold ore supply and demand is creating the value an idea based on the perks of technological advancement that could provide us much faster cheaper and more secure transactions since then a lot has happened and around a decade later could do currency has started to impact our entire world this is the currency a currency that's really gonna work eventually i think it is working and there will be other currencies like it that they may be even better it's legally seen as a commodity in the United States while in the European Union it's classified as an asset today all major banks have realized the impact this type of currency will have on our monetary system and banks around the world are now looking for innovative ways to implement cryptocurrency and the underlying technology the blockchain in the existing backing system quit appearances still a new concept to a lot of people but the innovation is becoming an accepted new form of money just in a digital form however it is the underlying technology the blockchain that house the power to transform not only our monetary system but the whole way we operate in society today not many people believed to the internet 30 years ago today around forty percent of the world's population is connected to the world wide web in 1995 it was less that one percent what made the internet so successful was that it was open for anyone and we could start sending information instantaneously worldwide the blockchain on the other hand is the internet of value and it gives us the ability to transmit not information but value in the blink of an eye worldwide the internet is a communications protocol why the blockchain is a protocol for value exchange the blockchain technology the foundation of cryptocurrency is right now being implemented in most areas of society the stock market in sales records in contract processing and of course within the financial sector of payments and transactions to name a few examples the new era of finances that you are about to discover is the second generation of Internet and the watching cryptocurrency the future of payments is about to revolutionize the economy as we know it today bitcoin had an incredible increase of value from 2009 till the end of 2013 the price of a single bitcoin went from 01 US dollars to over 1,100 US dollars and many people worldwide made a fortune at the same time many missed out on the opportunity because they lacked information but also the skepticism cryptocurrency initially was looked upon with the Pioneers soon showed that there was plenty of room for improvement in the future and with the development of new cryptocurrencies it has opened the door for a much safer and more friendly cryptocurrency one coin family of one coin dr

usha not ova has a solid background in finance with a master's degree in economy and a PhD in law she's a former associate partner at mckinsey managing clients such as aliens skirt back uni quiet and other large financial institutions dr Rocha also consulted other cryptocurrencies and quickly became one of the most knowledgeable persons on the topic and expert she clearly saw the huge potential of creating a new innovative more secure and accessible cryptocurrency and started to make great improvements for the future based on a solid strategy for global expansion applicable for everyone through the cryptocurrency one coin the global distribution of educational materials on cryptocurrency and the introduction to one coin started in September 2014 through the principle of membership4 invitation only and the company has a result of great leadership already reached out to millions of people in over a hundred and ninety five countries around the world the one life network is from the 11th of june 2016 the official company distributing educational packages that gives education are cryptocurrency and finance the members can also receive promotional tokens which can be submitted to mind one points during the first operator year the turnover was 1 billion euro and only three months later it reached the 2 billion-euro mark with approximately a decade down the road there are many cryptocurrencies on the market today and there are a few things most of them have in common first of all they are decentralized which makes the market scattered and not openly accepted everywhere they are designed for people with high tech and software intelligence speculators or professional traders they rely on unstable external factors which makes the market itself unstable they are mainly focusing on public trading making them speculative closing the doors for the mass population they allow you to make anonymous transactions and are therefore impossible to track inviting possible legal issues they are difficult to integrate into today's economical system so what makes one coin different one coin is designed to be initially centralized but not government old which makes it possible to control the growth and integrate one coin in today's monetary system built on a business strategy creating a strong brand and a stable market globally without high volatility traceable and protected within know your customer policy known as kyc which takes cryptocurrency to a whole new level of transparency primarily focused on the utility one coin chooses to continuously implement more functions and open platforms for owners to trade and use coins which is growing the market and creating a higher demand for cryptocurrency worldwide it's user friendly and open to all need for expensive equipment special are trading knowledge it's simply for everyone education is provided for all members to get empowered and to make well-informed decisions and gain financial literacy on top of this one coin is now setting a new global standard through its unique integration of the KYC procedure into the actual block chain which creates a high level of security and transparency a powerful procedure that most certainly paid the way to integrate one coin as the first cryptocurrency to be part of the global economy at least that's the goal one coin truly holds the key to help people in emerging countries to take a leap with technology and get instant access to crypto currency and banking three cryptocurrency and take advantage of the opportunities in the developed countries while most cryptocurrencies are based on speculation through public trading coin as its primary focus on utility since the value of cryptocurrency is based on supply and demand the larger the area of utility the higher the value of the coin according to the first predictions in 2014 the value of a single one coin after one year was to reach 5 euro however already 10 months later the price of a single one coin exceeded the initial prognosis and hit 50 65 one coin is expecting a further increase in value within the next couple of years based on a constantly growing network of minors but also because of the numerous companies who want access to the millions of one coin owners to promote their services and products thus expanding the utility area even further this is not a promise or guarantee in any way however the historical aspect of one point journey so far makes the future even more exciting and it can benefit the entire modern society and future generations so how does one get started by joining the one life network you get a first-class financial education that will help you become an educated minor the education packages come in seven different levels starting as low as a hundred and forty euro and up to 20 7530 euro offering different modules of education on Finance trading and crypto currency for each level of education you receive a fixed amount of promotional tokens depending on what package you purchase you also qualify for one or more splits a split will double your amount of tokens and can therefore be used to generate more coins once your tokens have split according a you can submit them to the mining pools with only a few clicks to start mining your one coins the one life network also offers very benefit or combinations of the various educational packages these combinations give you access to automatic mining so you can join the mining pools instantly without additionally waiting for a split besides automatic lining these strategic combinations can also generate for you additional splits tokens and therefore also more one coins apart from the educational packages one life has introduced its first own physical product available from members to easily access the online market the one tablet a portable smart device that can be used on a daily basis and holds the potential to enhance the learning trading and networking business activities of any member of the one life network with the tremendous growth the company has been facing it has been dedicated not only to give more to its members but also to give back to society the oneworld foundation is currently active in several countries for companies and members of the one life network continuously donate money to empower and to help children reach their full potential through education and long-term support cryptocurrency and this new financial market really holds the potential to create banking for the two billion people who do not have access to the banking system today according to the world bank it's one of the most emerging markets today that can plug in the unbanked into the financial system simply by using a phone it can eliminate the middleman that charge high fees for remittances and cross-border payments for the average he is seven point seven percent but can reach up to twenty nine percent taking several days as well and help people secure assets and grow capital in an extremely fast growing market what's creating the value of one coin to meet the needs of the public mass market one coin will mine a total of 120 billion coins and the efficient blockchain is developed to allow extremely fast transactions a continuously growing network creating a strong brand in combination with the increasing amount of merchants that want to get access to the millions of one coins owners constantly growing areas of utility these factors create the value of the coins and when one coin goes public the market is already there spread out globally and the increase of value will most probably be a fact one coin is social global and easy to access through the one life network networking and social media today holds a tremendous power to influence that can change pretty much any market do you remember netscape and yahoo the search engines that were soon forgotten as the giant Google took over the complete market and introduced to a user-friendly and much more sophisticated software do you remember myspace the social network platform that was soon forgotten as Facebook took over the entire market neither of these giants used advertisement as a way of reaching out to people the growth of these companies was based on trust results and the most powerful of all elements satisfied users and the word of not the same phenomenon that one coin is experiencing right now now you have a powerful and transparent opportunity in front of you and you can join the millions of miners traders and merchants to mind coins and diversify your portfolio positioning yourself for the future to come with this information you can be in the forefront of this new era an emerging market that is about to change the global economy decision-making is based on information and you can now make use of the information given to you so make sure to get your questions answered by the person who showed you this video to get started and keep in mind that the question is not if cryptocurrency will impact your future economy it's rather are you ready for the new economic era emerging upon us if you are make sure to join this financial revolution and be part of the fastest-growing crypto currency in the world was going Is OneLife the Facebook of Cryptocurrency?

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