How to view extra cryptocurrency pairs in Meta Trader 4


Hey, this is Brian again If you haven't yet watched my video about how to get setup and trading cryptocurrencies on MetaTrader 4 you probably want to go ahead and watch that video first i'll go ahead and link to it down here so once you get up and running on MetaTrader 4 come on back and check out this video

Now, one of the first things i noticed when I first set this up is that I got a little frustrated i only had access to believe it was just bitcoin and litecoin those are the only ones that by default you can see in this chart menu so there's a really simple way around that but it's not obvious at all so I'll go ahead and show you that that to you today Up in this market watch area that gives you all the symbols what you want to do is right-click to see the list of options here you want to click on the show all button and then at that point you should see all the cryptocurrencies here that you know and love and also they'll also be up here so you can get the more modern ones and trade those For example, here's Ethereum versus Litecoin you know those don't show up by default so you got to do is right-click and click "show all" Thanks on the next video I'll be showing you how to actually place some trades

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