Hello this video will explane to you how you can mine ZCA $ H and other Crypto Currency's Step 1: click on the link to download the brochure mining

for the download you will need an 4shared account (FREE) and the code (code 8888) to download the brochure After you put the code on the screen it will ask you to login or signup if You are currently not signed in Sign in or Signup After you have signed in and downloaded the file you can extract the file (Best to the Desktop) Now after you Extracted the file you need to open the folder Now open the Read Me file! its Very Important to read the read me file so you can be sure That nothing goes wrong Now you need to select file then open in the upper left corner and open the file you need like in the video

open zcash_zecminer_byfakher if you are using my recommended pole Its Very Important to select all documents down below in the right corner then you will be bootable to see the files you need Do exactly like i do iff you select a litle more space then you have seen the video in your document will be screwed and unusefull Remember Do not (SAVE ASD) but just SAVE !!! Close the file after you saved it and then double click on the file you have just saved your mining shouldering start now !! For the people who want to use there own pool follow the next steps Open the READ ME file click on file open and then open the file named: zcash anypool by Fakher only replace the selected parts exactly like i have selected in the file and replace them with your own mining pool, username and password

When you are done! DO NOT SAVE ASS just select on file then save After you saved the file you can close and then double click on the file you just saved your mining shouldering start now !!! For best results you better use the mining recommended pole or gate you can mine miner lot of different crypto currency's Also you get paid per share !! Just click on the link and select signup in the upper right corner !! You do not need to download the miner miner gate is already downloaded and present in the miner directory for you !!! Further Watch and you will see That a lot of crypto currency's are paid per share !! so you have an instant income !! For more questions or iff you dont succeed you can email me i can make the files for you !!

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Hey hey hey. It’s Ville and welcome to my blog. I am a tech enthusiast and always looking for ways to generate new income streams. At the moment Bitcoin cloud mining is one of the most promising ones and that’s why I created this website. Hope you like your stay. If you want a quick start guide about making passive income with cloud mining check out this guide.