How to close an existing trade in the cryptocurrency markets in Meta Trader 4


hi this is Brian again In my previous video I showed you how to place a trade in the crypto currency market using MetaTrader 4

In this video I'm just going to be real short i'm gonna tell you how to get out of the trade so you can see this is the trade i took in the last video made me a little tiny bit of profit so I decide I want to turn off the computer for the day and I don't want to have this trade in the back of my mind so I decide I'm going to go ahead and close it it's real simple there's an 'x' right next to every trade You click that and you get closed out of that trade it's really that simple again we'll go into more detail in the future about strategy of when you would want to get out of the trade and when you wouldn't want to and things like that but for now I'm just going over some of the basics

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