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Genesis mining is a cloud mining company, one of the largest in the world. The company operates in Iceland and has invested in massive cryptocurrency mining farms that crank out ridiculous amounts of currency every day. They also offer people an opportunity to rent some of this processing power for a fee.

If you are new to the company and wish to know more go and read my complete Genesis Mining Review.

Why does the company offer a Promo code for Genesis Mining

Genesis mining is offering each user of the website to use their own promo code to promote their business to their circle of influence. This is called referral / affiliate marketing where the company pays a small percentage of each sale that the referral brings in.

The percentage is very small ranging from 2.5% to higher levels depending on how much revenue the affiliate brings in. It’s important that the percentage is small so that the company will remain profitable for a long time so they can keep paying.

That’s why you may have seen quite a few people spamming their discount code in every possible comment field where Genesis Cloud Mining is discussed.

Anyway, if you are looking to learn more about Genesis Mining check out my full review here.

If you wish to purchase some cloud mining power from the company I really, really appreciate if you use my code UDE6Ga so that I can get some more mining power as a reward.

You also get 3% off which is the maximum level of discount you can get. There is no variation about what kind of discount the codes bring so you can stop shopping around.

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