Ethereum basics in 2 minutes – Get it Quick


Hi guys, in this video we are going to understand Ethereum Ethereum is a platform which allows you to build contracts it's based on the Blockchain technology, which provides a safe way to execute those contracts

That's it That simple Now you as a clever people ask: so how is Ethereum contract distinguished from regular contract? and the answer is: It's a program Whatever you write in the contract Will be automatically executed by itself Followed by The conditions you put in It ensures that there will be no Delaying no Frauds or a Third Party Interference So how can you benefit from that? Example number One: Let's say you want to buy a house Ethereum will provide pretty comfortable solution You won't need to check any Loans on the property and you won't need any Lawyer, Everything is already on The Ethereum platform which you can trust Example number Two: Let's say you have bunch of Solar Panels on your roof And your neighbor don't And you have an extreme electricity supply And your neighbor don't So you want to sell him electricity and earn money But you have no way to do this don't Worry, Ethereum will do the job for you automatically If you like that example check the link down below It's already running in Brooklyn So i think that those cool examples are only the tip of the tip of the iceberg for the long run As you can see I am a big fan of Ethereum, if I was to choose only one coin it would definitely be Ethereum! No question

Therefore I also see extremely bright bright future for Ethereum With that been said it's important for me to hear what you guys are thinking Do you also see bright future for Ethereum? maybe not I want you to know that I'm here for you So if you have any question Please leave It in the comment section down below and I will answer you personally And If you Like my content Only if you like my content Press the Subscribe Button right Here and get to know more about Cryptocurrencies! See you next time!

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