Earn or invest ether crypto-currency – advertising smart contract on Ethereum blockchain


welcome to the millimeter homepage – a decentralized advertising platform where anybody can advertise, invest, and earn money how it works? the advertising space is thousand pixels wide and thousand pixels high

you can buy these pixels place ads, sell pixels with no commission or maybe rent them out pixels are owned for life – just like real property this is guaranteed by the underlying smart contract powered by the Ethereum blockchain another part of the smart contract says that the platform itself is owned by referrals and they get all the money here is an example

Takeshi invites Jane Jane invites Paul Paul invites Mark Mark buys pixels worth 100 ether and places his advertising Now Paul gets 50 ether

Jane gets 25 and Takeshi twelve-and-a-half and as Takeshi was the one who started the chain the remaining twelve and a half ether are donated to charity the longest chain possible is 6 handshakes long that many is theoreticaly enough to cover the whole world The pixels price is hardcoded too it starts with 0,01 of ether per pixel and doubles every ten percent of pixels sold like this which gives roughly one million ether for the whole pixel map

that's why it's the million ether home page and you can get a slice of it just sign in and become a part of the blockchain revolution

About the Author Dancake

Hey hey hey. It’s Ville and welcome to my blog. I am a tech enthusiast and always looking for ways to generate new income streams. At the moment Bitcoin cloud mining is one of the most promising ones and that’s why I created this website. Hope you like your stay. If you want a quick start guide about making passive income with cloud mining check out this guide.