What is a digital currency Between January 2015 and April 2016 The value of digital currency OneCoin increased eleven times

How is it managed OneCoin The OneCoin is different from other currencies The OneCoin is based on cryptography guaranteeing security and makes it difficult to copy uNIQUE The OneCoin generated during the process called mining This ensures that each coin is unique, as each note has its own serial number Called digital or electronic currency currency It can be used instead of paper money FAST AND EASY The digital currency is easier and faster to transfer money between two parties The rights are low helping users to avoid high fees charged by other banks for electronic transfers INTERNATIONAL AND INDEPENDENT The digital currency is not connected with any country or central bank and therefore the value depends on the number people and traders who use in addition to the high demand

RISK NO INFLATION The OneCoin not prodimiourgimeno and therefore users create the market, creating and using coins, as well as the number of coins that will create and commercialize which means that there is the slightest risk of inflation The OneCoin changing the way we use financial services OneCoin

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