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gamecock What if there is a technological advancement super Vietnam but it can change the basic foundation of society? A technology that may affect how the operation of the economy, the management apparatus and enterprise systems and changes our concept of trade, ownership and trust This technology already exists, and it is known as digital money People often only think Bitcoin is a form of virtual currency only or a trading system But if you look closer, you'll see that that view only the surface of an iceberg That's because Bitcoin is a super technology breakthrough (Nobel Prize nominee economy in 2016) but money is only one of its applications Money exists to the transaction may occur Over the centuries, these transactions have become extremely complex People can trade with each other worldwide Transactions are recorded in accounting books This information is often hidden

For this reason, we use third parties that we believe To create and approve transactions Think of the government, banks, accountants, notaries, and the paper money in your wallet We call these things are 3rd party that we trust This brings us to the essence of Bitcoin Bitcoin allows the computer network maintain a ledger through internet Accounting books are not hidden and no one can control it all Instead, it is a public and everyone can see it through a digital book distribution network We call it Blockchain

In blockchain, all transactions are recorded including information on dates, times, participants and the amount of each transaction Each node in the network, owned a full copy of blockchain on the basis of mathematical principles and modern complex The transaction is confirmed by the Bitcoin Miners, who maintains the ledger The mathematical principles also ensure that the buttons automatically and continuously the current status of the ledger and all transactions therein If anyone seeks a fraudulent transaction, the button will come to a consensus and therefore will refuse transactions in blockchain Therefore, every transaction is public and thousands of nodes agree that the transaction occurred at hour X on Y Like every transaction are notary certification This way, everyone has access to a single source really real

This is why we can always count on blockchain Ledger do not care a Bitcoin represents a certain amount of dollars or Euros or any other valuable asset Users can decide the value of a unit represents Bitcoin A Bitcoin can be broken down to 100 million shares (8 digits after the decimal point) and each unit can be identified and programmed This means that users can assign attributes for each unit The user can program one unit represents one eurocent or shares of a company, a kilowatt-hour energy or a certificate of ownership of digital Therefore, the application of Bitcoin is not simply money and payment A Bitcoin can represent many types of assets One thousand barrels of oil, given credit oblong, or a vote in such elections

Moreover, currency Bitcoin make more intelligent, automated cash and cash flow Imagine, you get health care benefits in dollars or Euros and can only be used to pay for health care from the place of acceptance In this case, the process of confirming the proper implementation of the rules is no longer necessary You just programmed rules that into frozen money Ie: the legalization was done right from the start The currency unit can even be programmed to allow it will automatically return to the supplier if the recipient does not use it after a certain time period In this way, providers can ensure that allowances are not hoarding useless

Businesses can also control your spending by that by programming budget for wages, machinery, materials and maintenance corresponding to the amount to be specified and can not be spent on other things Such automation resulting in a significant reduction in bureaucracy, saves accounting procedures, controls, and held an incredible amount of time Allowing programmers and the openness of Bitcoin allows us to completely rebuild and renew the financial sector and the administrative processes make it more efficient, more transparent and significantly reduce bureaucracy But not only that In the "Internet of things" The economy will be dealing with machinery In fact, it happened Think of vending machines

Drone or shipper These machines are not familiar with the concept of trust but Bitcoin does Thanks to Bitcoin, the drone can be sure that it will be 100% accurate shipment to recipient and we know that it has been paid And we can program the automatic vending machine allows the automatic tracking quantities, new orders from suppliers and automatically pay for them Of course, you need to understand that this is just the beginning

Internet technology breakthroughs and innovation old thinking Its market opening and breaking up the position of all the intermediaries Bitcoin and digital money has started to create a change of economic model It was time to explore constructive for this new technology and openly discuss its potential facebook

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