Accept bitcoin payments with Bitpay

BitPay – How to Accept Bitcoin Payments


Are you looking for ways to accept Bitcoin transactions for your business? Well Bitpay is one of the great options that you have available. Check out the video below to understand the concept of the company better.

BitPay enables your business to accept bitcoin payments from your customers.

Our technology ensures your business receives payment without any risk of volatility, fraud, or chargebacks.

With BitPay, you can choose to settle your revenue in your local currency, in Bitcoin, or a mix of the two.

We seamlessly deposit your funds into your bank account each business day without you having to worry about a thing.

With a guaranteed exchange rate, we take all the risk of bitcoin price volatility and you get every dollar or euro you’ve earned.

BitPay supports thousands of e-commerce plugins and hosted solutions, including Shopify WordPress, Magento and many more, making integration simple for your internet business BitPay allows merchants to easily interact with all consumer wallets ensuring the same smooth experience for every customer.

If you’re looking to accept bitcoin at your brick-and-mortar retail outlet, BitPay has simple in-person payment solutions that make it easy to check out using a tablet or smartphone if your business sends out bills by email we have an easy tool to let your customers pay in bitcoin.

Ready to accept bitcoin yet? Go to and click on “Accept Bitcoin” to start.

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