Bitcoin WILL implode: Billionaire Saudi prince says cryptocurrency will CRASH: Next Enron


Bitcoin WILL implode: Billionaire Saudi prince says cryptocurrency will CRASH: Next Enron The Saudi business mogul criticised the cryptocurrency’s lack of regulation and warned it was “Enron in the making” – a reference to the 2001 financial scandal in which investors lost billions of dollars His comments come as new research revealed a flood of new hedge funds investing exclusively in digital currencies have opened in the past year

  In an interview with CNBC, Prince Alwaleed said: It just doesnt make sense This thing is not regulated, its not under control, its not under the supervision of any central bank I just dont believe in this bitcoin thing  “I think its just going to implode one day

I think this is Enron in the making” American gas firm Enron went bankrupt in 2001 after the company racked up billions of dollars of debts which executives hid from shareholders But after a series of bad deals and failed projects, the energy corporation eventually went bust, taking at least $40billion (£30billion) of investor cash with it  Prince Alwaleed added he was in agreement with JPMorgan Chase boss Jamie Dimon, who last month branded bitcoin a “fraud” which would “eventually be closed” The 62-year-old heads Kingdom Holding, a huge multinational conglomerate with investments in Apple, Twitter and banking giant Citigroup

But figures released today by financial technology research group Autonomous NEXT show a rapid growth in the number of investment firms dealing exclusively in virtual cash  Their data reveals that of 110 so-called crypto hedge funds registered across the globe, 84 were launched this year And between them they manage some $22billion (approximately £17billion) in digital assets

But despite bitcoin outperforming all of the world’s traditional currencies for the past three years, banks, pension funds and investment firms are largely staying away  Trevor Greetham, from Royal London Asset Management, told Reuters: While cryptocurrencies are probably here to stay, they are difficult to analyse, wildly volatile and some may be prone to fraud  Diversification is a good thing but that doesnt mean investing in everything just because its there “We favour assets with a long track record in producing returns or reducing risks” There are currently around 17 million bitcoins in circulation with total value – at today’s price of £4,439 per coin – of close to $100 billion (around £76 billion)

Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency, is worth some $30billion

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