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Hi Guys! Faysal again from binaryoptionsdoctorcom & I have comeback from a vacation

How are you guys doing? Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend Today I will blacklist a trading software and it is called Bitcoin Wealth This is the official website of Bitcoin Wealth As you can see bitcoin-wealthco This is the official website of Bitcoin Wealth

They are claiming that members from Bangladesh are making millions 753 current online members in Bangladesh profiting with Bitcoin Wealth Well, very good I will show you the reasons why I am blacklisting this Bitcoin Wealth Before I begin, I will show you another website that is called Crypto Wealth

You can see crypto-wealthco & this is the identical software of Bitcoin Wealth You can see the same dialogues appear on the top See everything is identical Even the so-called testimonials are identical

What these crooks are doing, they are making trading software & promoting those via many different websites with a different name That's what the con artists or the fraudsters do nowadays You see all the testimonials here are fake As for example, Kim Sores claims that she has earned thousands by trading with this Bitcoin Wealth software A simple Google search shows that Kim Sores picture is a stock photograph & it has been used in many different websites

As you can see here Similarly, Thomas Rollin's picture also a stock photograph as you can see It has been used in many promotional sites So, these guys are not the genuine individuals or the users of Bitcoin Wealth Let's see when the Bitcoin Wealth website was registered

Our survey says that bitcoin-wealthco website was registered on 29th September 2017 That means it is 10/12 days old So, how come they're claiming that people are profiting like millions or thousands! I don't understand this Now you know that Bitcoin Wealth or Crypto Wealth software both are scams and you should never invest in such type of scam software

Stay safe & don't get scammed!

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