Bitcoin Malaysia seminars for educating people

Bitcoin in Malaysia: Seminars for Educating People


It’s exciting how people are bringing more and more people to get to know Bitcoin. Here’s a video about Bitcoin Malaysia seminar where people are taught about the potential and usage of Bitcoin. Our beloved cryptocurrency is getting hugely popular in China and it only makes sense that people in Malaysia are starting to get interested.

So do like the Bitcoin people in Malaysia do. Get educated and get involved!

Hi ! I’m Julie.

You probably have heard about Bitcoin maybe from friends or relatives.

You may have read about Bitcoin from the Malaysian newspapers such as this Wall Street Journal article.

or this Sun Papers article.

You may have even read some Bitcoin information online like this Business Insider Malaysia webpage.

All these can be overwhelming and very confusing if you are considering making money with Bitcoin.

Don’t worry, because there is now a comprehensive Bitcoin Talk given by Eugene Yeng here in Kuala Lumpur.

In this Bitcoin talk called “The Future Of Money,” Eugene will explain more on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Bitcoin Mining.

Good news is Eugene is a professional Internet Consultant and Bitcoin miner, so he will help you to debunk the myths and clear your doubts on Bitcoin.

Don’t just take my word for it, hear what from some who have attended the talk have to say.


I am Ivan Chuah, and I attended Eugene’s Bitcoin talk, “Future Of Money” last month, and I found his talk about Bitcoin and Blockchain to be very informative.

All of my questions were answered.

So thank you, Eugene, for your kind sharing.


I am Shanti from Klang.

I attended Eugene’s talk on Bitcoin, and I learned a lot.

Although initially, I was a little skeptical about on Bitcoin and Blockchain, Eugene clarified my concerns as he simplified the technical concepts in his explanations.

I do recommend anyone interested in Bitcoin to attend his talk.



My name is Khairul from Indonesia.

I so happened to be in Kuala Lumpur past two weeks, and my friend brought me to meet-up session hosted by Eugene.

Eugene was very generous in providing information in Bitcoin and Blockchain.

I also learned about Bitcoin Mining.

The session was very rewarding, even though I’m not a technical guy.

Thank you.

Hey! Hi! How is it going? Ermm so I have to apologize cause I sort of lost my voice.

I was sick not too long ago, so I’m still recovering.

But I wanted to talk about this Meetup group on

It is called WealthBeat.

They’ve got all kinds of meetings talking about finances and money and wealth in general.

And the one that I was the best I think is the one about Bitcoin and how it’s going to be the future of currency.

So you know if you haven’t gone for it, I think you need to go because I it’s very informative you know you get to learn about what Bitcoin is, what Mining is and I certainly enjoyed going for the meetup.

I met a lot of people, and it definitely opened my eyes to the potential of where Bitcoin is heading to.

So yeah, thank you very much WealthBeat.

Really appreciate it.

I can’t wait to go for another one of your meetings.

Bye Seats are very limited so hurry and reserve your seats now.

Further details on the talk can be found in the description below.

We will see you there!.

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