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Jamie Dimon: “Separate blockchain which is a technology from Bitcoin a currency and now there are multiple currencies, and I am not talking about Bitcoin per-se… I’m talking about currenciesand I’m not saying go short

" Ethereum vs Bitcoin Sobuka Analysis : So here is the deal I am going to mention where I disagree with Dimon and try to make sense about this statement and this one is not really major He is a guy who tries to keep up with everything He is not living night and day like us analyzing and breathing Bitcoin 24/7

So for his knowledge about the industry compared to all the financial CEOs out there that I know, he truly gets an A+ Most financial CEOs are fairly not that knowledgeable when it comes to cryptocurrencies So what I want to clarify from this segment is that Bitcoin is both blockchain technology and currency He is however right by saying Bitcoin is a “currency” It is technically coined with the word “digital currency” anyway

I personally do not like to call Bitcoin just currency That’s just my personal opinion I would say it behaves like one When you call something a currency, to me it should have an official government stamp of approval in my opinion For example, there was a recent rumor that Australia was trying to make Bitcoin a currency

If that ever happened to Bitcoin, then it becomes a currency whether anyone likes it or not I think in this cryptocurrency space, we tend to confuse these terms altogether Maybe putting something like the word “official” into the word “currency” may help distinguish between an official currency and a digital concurrency I’d like to leave it as “digital currency” or more appropriate “cryptocurrency” until the language is transformed by officialdom entirely Following that, what upsets countries is when something other than their own fiat currency like the Yuan, comes into their space and is slapped with the word currency

That just undermines the official government currency at the end of the day

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