Bitcoin Hits $1,800- May 11th Cryptocurrency News


Hello you're watching NewsBTC TV for today’s cryptocurrency news round-up Bitcoin continues to hit new all time highs, and this time it has climbed over the 1800 level

The main driving factors at the moment for bitcoin include rising volumes in Japan, signs of a slowdown in China, geopolitical uncertainties from North Korea and Syria, and speculations surrounding the COIN bitcoin ETF approval As you can see, some of the other leading alt coins have suffered losses over the past 24 hours Japanese bitcoin exchange, Coincheck was forced to roll back transactions due to a temporary system error, which caused a spike in prices This error also froze cryptocurrency withdrawals for a short time, but the services have resumed again One person wrote on Reddit that he sold 2 Bitcoin for around US$20,000 during this error, but his profit was later removed

It is unclear which other trading pairs were affected by this error Coincheck has also launched the country’s first interest paying bitcoin accounts This gives users the opportunity to earn up to 5% of their bitcoin holdings in interest a year Encrypted Smart Platform, BitCAD will develop an operating system with conceptual and hardware solutions aimed to improve business processes across various industries The electronic judicial system, offers a three- component digital solution which could make the system more efficient

There are three components to Dispute Resolution Department – electronic arbitration, story-based arbitration, and a specifically hired ‘ombudsman’ Electronic arbitration is a robotic arbitrator employed to deal with most basic disagreements in the area of e-commerce, with the use of internet technologies Thanks for watching, make sure you tune back in tomorrow

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