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hello to everyone, I'm zaragast and today I want to talk and the next fork which will take place in early November segwit for 2x and October 25 in New bitcoin gold Yes, I would like to start this video in English because I have seen, surfing on the network different views and some confusion about this fork so I decided to

sorry for my english but I'm not a native English speaker, I'm Italian, so to speak about this situation But first, let's start with the initials Ok, what is bitcoin gold? Bitcoin gold is a new fork which will take place on October 25th of this month mmm you this month, it now while I'm recording are already October 1 So this month, 25 will start this new fork and how sucesse last fork, about the first segwit occurred on August 1 in this way, at this time, we stamo waiting for a new division of blockchain of bitcoin

well, like last time, we, if we own bitcoin right now after this date, we could have a bitcoin, and bitcoin gold On this page, news bitcoincom, you will find all the news you want and we will not just this fork In fact, there will be another coming fork, in early November, and will be called segwit 2x In fact, soon as the August 1 there was this division right fork, bitcoin, and bitcoin cash Bitcoin cash was the result of this approval segwit and now in November, because now we are locked segwit we are waiting for a blockchain which has segwit and another segwit with 2 mg of magnitude for the block the differences are few, and do not understand why, divide the chai one more time but, in summary, we stamo waiting to have 4 different types of bitcoin the classic bitcoin, and bitcoin also called core, bitcoin cash, gold and the new bitcoin bitcoin called bitcoin 2x Therefore, a warning to this time, ok keep those bitcoins in a good portfolio, I prefer a paper wallet or maybe a hardware wallet, and make a backup of your private key because, through your private key, and with it, you can extract the new blockchain, the consideration of our bitcoin and why this? because I am not a technician, not a nerd you spiegerà because the difference of this bitcoin bitcoin with this but only talk about money, because, divide the bitcoin in these four types, could be er you a good opportunity to earn free money why, when August 1, bitcoin has split into these two blockchain, and

the value of bitcoin cash was worth $ 400, well if you had a bitcoin right now, you could earn 400 free bitcoin $ 400 bitcoin, bitcoin cash and perhaps it will become the same, the same value for the bitcoin gold? the same thing for btcoin gold? so the difference about these 4 bitcoin is about their offer The money supply remains 21 million but the Pow bitcoin gold in fact I want to focus on this point, on this new currency and 'about the GPU, in fact you will be able to undermine bitcoin through the GPU of your computer using the graphics card of your PC After this adjustment is difficult, which will take place every block and not every two weeks and it could be a possibility to be able to perfectly synchronize the algorithm computational power so it may be more 'difficult undermine bitcoin gold, but be much more' profitable in the bitcoin and perhaps, the meaning behind the bitcoin gold is this, turn a cryptovaluta like bitcoin with a great history behind it, as before cryptocurrency in the world, and he does it as either Gold The digital gold, which could be a good opportunity for all and then only this, Keep your bitcoin wallet in a paper, and maybe wait until this day This is a cheap warning, because if a bitcoin will be divided into these two new crypto, can 'become a good opportunity for you to earn free money, and I do not know

if in the long run will have on the ecosystem effects of bitcoin because, like the bitcoin cash, after the release of this new crypto, we have observed that the miners, changed through these two crypto In fact, the difficulty of bitcoins is not rising too quickly, than in the past, so I do not know the long-term, perhaps we might see a crash in the price, the bitcoin, but it might be a good opportunity for everyone to come into this world with a low price of bitcoin all as far as I will enjoy and be witnesses of this economic revolution taking place in 2017 therefore, I do not know the future, perhaps after the fork do not know if I will change 'my bitcoin in Ethereum but just this, to explain this situation, easy to understand, will take another two fork then, two other rules blockchain if you liked this video and sorry for my English, but this was an experiment, subscribe to the channel, I like to put on and upvotatemi steemit

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