Bitcoin Doubled in Just 65 Days!


The Price of Bitcoin Doubled in Just 65 Days! Here's What That Means to YOU! I checked the price of bitcoin today and discouraging news had its effects All the cryptocurrencies are affected! It seems that the communists in charge of China want to stop bitcoin! It's too disruptive! Michael Hudson said, 'That's like hiring a lifeguard to stop a tsunami!' So, to cheer myself up, I looked at how long ago bitcoin was half its current price and I found that to be just 65 days ago! That cheered me up, because I can do the math! Bitcoin's price doubled over the last 65 days! We're in September of 2017 and the best is still yet to come for bitcoin! Here's where the math skills and spreadsheet functions capability come in! Using Google Sheets, I set up a spreadsheet to take just $100 and double it every 65 days Any one of you can retire in less than 2

5 years with a bitcoin nest egg valued at more than $1 million! If you can manage to spend no more than 25% each year, you will have $40,000 available in the first year of your early retirement and double that amount in the second year and each subsequent year! In less than 4 years, you can spend $10 million per year, which is only 25% of what you have! People call bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme and I ask, what's $100, compared to $10 million to spend in just four years? In five years, you're up to $600 million and that's just your spending money! Does gold do that? Maybe you need less gold and more bitcoin! What is gold doing? Has the price moved in the past five years or has 'paper gold' sopped up all demand and kept the price of gold, 'artificially low'? Gold just sits there, like a pet rock! Look at this spreadsheet and tell me if it's time for you to begin studying bitcoin! When people see this video, do you think they are going to wise up or what? Thanks for listening!

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