Granpa is so excited about getting his Bitcoin debit card in mail :)

Bitcoin Debit Card Makes Cryptocurrencies Exponentially More Accessible


Having your own Bitcoin debit card enables you to use your cryptocurrencies much more efficiently and effortlessly.

Before you have had to use some sort of service to exchange your coins to your local currency and ask for a deposit to your bank account from where you could access the funds using your credit card. With a reloadable card you can skip the intermediate step and access your currency straight away and avoid unnecessary steps always lead to cheaper transaction costs.

There are several companies that offer cards these days so just do a Google search and find the best solution for yourself.

Video transcript below:

Okay, let’s see what grandpa got in the mail today here.

That’s right, grandpa’s got his Bitcoin Debit Card.

Can you see what that says on there? “Grand Pa” Ha, ha, ha fantastic.

So, this is my second Bitcoin Debit Card.

Tomorrow I’m going to “Activate” it.

And, continue doing what I usually do, that pay for everything with my Bitcoin Debit Card.

Now, in Japan, we can even pay for our electric bill, our water bill and our gas bill using our Bitcoin Debit Card.

How fantastic is that? Now of course, I’ll be teaching people some ways to get involved with Bitcoin.

And then save up some of your Bitcoin and then eventually you can get your Bitcoin Debit Card and use it just like a regular credit card.

In other words, you will be your own bank.

You will have your own economy.

Talk to you soon.

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