Beginning The Crypto Adventure/ Quick bitcoin Facts for beginners


Hello everyone My name is Luis and the reason I am making this video Is because I want to show you guys the beginning of my Bitcoin journey Very recently there has been a lot of hype regarding Bitcoin So I would like my channel and my videos to serve as an example for anybody looking to invest into Bitcoin there's a lot of people that have made a lot of money on this and maybe we can ride that wave and also earn a few extra bucks along the way I Do recommend that you guys do some research on your own? there are a lot of books and Documentaries out there that explain more about Bitcoin for example one of them that I do recommend is called banking on Bitcoin You can see it on Netflix It's great It opened my eyes to everything the cryptocurrencies With that a cryptocurrency is and more more specifically what Bitcoin is The creator of Bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto, we do not know if it's one person or group of people He has kept his identity Very safe, and so we currently have that as a mystery Which is actually it can be a good thing because it lets the people kind of have like Their own definition for what the coin should be used there isn't somebody to say no That's not why I made the coin for I didn't want it to be used like that so it puts a lot more And lets the people make their own decisions about Bitcoin, and I think that's a that can keep the currency going even longer So which is really good for Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a basically a monitor a monetary revolution the government cannot control big coin And why doesn't it control? It well because it does not require a third party now It's basically the banks for us It does not require that has a very very good transaction system and me personally I think that is the heart of Bitcoin the transaction system is what makes Bitcoin special the transaction system is basically an open ledger Also called the blockchain where every single transaction is recorded and it's verified multiple times and So everything is known by the public When you do that it puts all the power in every single Contributor that there is to Bitcoin None to the bank's it's something that cannot be tracked and that's where people value it a lot That's why it's it currently costs a lot of money, and that's why it's been going up in value a lot It's become a very noticeable and profitable coin um Recently it has gone up in price and just about a month ago

It was in the 5000 range You can see here It was a 5800 around there now it's over 8,000 so it has gone up Immensely just in around a month It shows you how volatile this this currency can be so why why is it so valuable? Why why can I get to such a high price? Why can it get to eight thousand two hundred US dollars? Well, that's simple It's literally because bitcoin is like gold There's only a limited supply and it's very high demand right now and because of that it drives the price up so maybe we can get into this and We can make a few extra bucks on for this if you guys are curious to see more about this Please like the video or a comment below if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them, and I'll see you guys next time

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