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hey guys this is Cyndie Shelton today is Feb third 2017 and I wanted to make a video because exactly one month ago today on january thirds i made an investment that has changed my life i joined TBC or the billion coin now it's not a business I'm its cryptocurrency and i think I kinda was dragging my feet about this cryptocurrency community and joining Bitcoin and other things like that but uh my friend Jeannette Pressed me on it and I'm glad that she did so one month ago today i bought one coin and thank God I did because it's now almost tripled in price since when i bought my coin it has taken off and what I like about this is the price can never never never go down uh it's not market-driven and scarcity driven this coin the billion coin is called a billion coins for a reason that will be the ultimate price of each and every coin up but the billion coin is community built so the price can never go down because it goes up as people join the the billion community and uh that's what makes the price go up and so it can never go down in value it goes up anywhere from one to five percent every single day but it's been averaging about 3% so every day I wake up to a raise of almost three percent you don't make that on anything not on cds not a savings account and certainly not compounded daily you might make three percent on a CD or seeming the count year over year but this is compounded daily so every day I wake up to raise of 30, 40 you know and it's going to only grow higher a day that my investment grows and so obviously the more invest I you make money on the three-percent you know so the more you invest more money you make but it's not required I've had people join for as litte as $25 you join at your comfort level but all the way up to four thousand dollars and eighty thousand dollars you know or $100 we have an article i'm going to put it below in the description of this video on youtube but it describes how you can become a millionaire with a 100-dollar investment because of how the the coin grows and how its community built and how it can never go down but also how that the three-percent compounded like daily interest himself and there are lots of platforms that we're going to have for rolling out a merchant platform spoon a similar amazon or a you know anybody where you can sell products products from your business that you already in or or things from around hole at my friend Charles just sold a couple tablets and a printer and made some really good TBC doing that so there will also be here they're rolling out a debit card later this year so your wallet will actually be like your own personal bank this isn't that you don't have to depend on the banking system with with TBC and it can't ever go up and get a price like I said like that coin and some other things that always goes up but you're having your own debit card when they roll that out would be like having your own Bank your wallet is like a ball like your own bank and so I am so happy that I did this I want you to have the opportunity to do this to again it's not a business I don't get anything for telling you about it i'm not recruiting you into business or those sponsoring or anything like that but I would be a fool not to share with you i want you to be able to experience the well they increase that i'm experiencing this year when you see the picture i'm going to put that well it's on my wall I'm trying to teach i can get it so you can see it in this video I'd issues affect the message i mean i can send it to you but my mind investment today is where fourteen hundred and eighteen dollars when I came in and around 548 but it's if you put 1418 dollars in the calculator today and the projection calculator it's going to be worth 300,000 plus dollars at the end of 201 days around six and a half months so I am excited I could let this day go by it's my one month anniversary so I just had to share that with you and i hope that you take a good look at this because it could it could change your life and 2017 could be all of ours year!

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