A Brief history of trading “Of Tulips to Cryptocurrencies”


A Brief History of trading: "Tulips to criptomonedas" In 1636 you could speculate tulip bulbs For 1695 they had shares of more than 140 companies that could trade in coffee Jonathan in England Insurance market United States began trading in government affairs Philadelphia Born between 1850 and 1900 the Commodities Exchange CBOT, London Stock Exchange, CME to market seeds, grains and metals

The CBOT and CME gave great impetus to the creation of new instruments in commodities, metals, currencies, interest rates, indices and bonds In 1944 the Bretton Woods agreement, which ended in the decade of the 70s which marked the beginning of the Forex market as we know it today was signed The decade of the 90s the World Wide Web Internet transformed the way of trading Chicago Stock Exchange created the first mini futures contract traded electronically The American Stock Exchange launched the first ETF on the S & P 500, one of the most traded today Beginning the 21st century force takes what is known as the largest and most liquid market in the world, FOREX And now Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 introduced the first cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin Today (2017) there are over 800 criptomonedas to invest, trade or speculate More than 40 sites to buy, sell or exchange Bitcoin'sy other criptomonedas A market that exceeds $ 20,804,216,768

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